Hello! Pillow

I’ve been a bit obsessed with designing quilts lately but took some time out to make this pillow. 

Hello! Pillow

We spend a lot of time out in our screen room.  I updated all the furniture a few years ago and it’s a really comfy room to hang out in.  I wanted to add a rug and it had to be cheap.  So I ordered one that was on clearance from Kohl’s online and just hoped it would match the fabric in the room.  When it arrived I kind of stuck it in a corner in my laundry room because it was not quite what I expected.  After a few weeks I finally rolled it out.  And loved it!  Although the colors aren’t quite the same as the deck furniture, it’s close enough.  And it’s got all these other fun colors–orange, red, green, yellow, and more.


And a little more orange in the room would make it perfect!

Hence, the pillow.

Hello! PillowHello! PillowI used the same method as I did for the Riley and Jack name pillows.  I used the font Segoe Script and printed it out to the size I wanted. In case you don’t have the font on your computer, here’s a PDF file of the Hello! that will fit on a 12″ x 17″ pillow. just click on it.


Easy Peasy!

Next, I’ll make a mosaic planter in all those bright rug colors! 

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