In my garden

Last Monday I was whining about all the rain.  But look at how happy my gardens are now!

Yesterday Today and Tomorrow
This is a “Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow” bloom. I’ve seen these growing wild. But this is the first bloom I’ve had in years.
Tomato blossom
Looks like I’ll have some tomatoes for the squirrels to steal!
Impatiens. I can not find these to buy anywhere. Used to be everyone sold them. These have reseeded from years past but I’d like to get more!
I’m putting ferns in shady corners.
Day Lillies
I moved these day lilies a couple of years ago and they finally bloomed!
This is a bromeliad bloom. A strange variety
Devil Wing Begonia. Or is this an angel wing? Begonia for sure!
Banana tree
I still don’t have bananas on my banana tree. Just this weird bloom on two of them now.

Love Spring!


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