In My Garden

Last week there was strange weather all over the country.  We had freeze warnings for Wednesday and Thursday.  Rain and wind pounded us on Saturday.  Heat and humidity came back on Sunday.  We went from 37 degrees on Wednesday morning to 80 degrees on Sunday afternoon.  


So Sunday afternoon I was out on my screened room and saw a butterfly.  What??? Which made me think, I probably out to check out the yard after this strange weather and maybe take some pics.

Here’s that butterfly….



He’s a little worn.  Pollen on his shoulder, part of his wing chewed off.  The weather hasn’t been kind to him.  But he just happened to flutter into a yard of butterfly flowers.  And life is good for him for a few moments.

Butterfly plants


And I went on to check out the rest of the gardens.  Two of the hibiscus got hit with frost yet the azaleas are starting to bloom.  The plants are so confused!


 The trellis of mandevilla and roses has never looked better!

trellis of roses and mandevilla

roses and mandevilla

And these poinsettas.  I planted them last year just to have some Christmas color.  They were wee.  I never expected them to live.  Finally I put them in pots because I didn’t need Christmas color in September.  They shriveled up and looked pathetic but I put them in the sun and here they are now, ready for another Christmas season.


Only in Florida!


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  1. I’m going backwards. Posted previously about the garden and wildlife park, but the sentiment is still the same. Such beauty. Want some snow???

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