In the Garden

Lots of rain this year.  Some of the plants are thriving, others are about finished.  My yard is particularly happy with all the rain.  Also very high since it’s too wet to mow!

In the Garden, Thyme
There’s not much left of my vegetable and herb garden. Too hot. But this thyme plant is loving the weather.
In the Garden, Daylily
Daylilies are just about done.

In the Garden,

In the Garden, Eastern Swallowtail Butterfly caterpillar
As I mentioned last week, the Eastern Swallowtail butterfly has been busy on the parsley. Here’s a caterpillar that I found.
In the garden, Dipladenia and Mandevilla
Pink dipladenia and white mandevilla love the sun and the trellis.


In the Garden, Don Juan Rose
Don Juan Rose
In the Garden
The shade garden is a little sparse this year because a redbud tree died and it had to be removed.  Plants need to spread over to that area.



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