In the Garden –Tomatoes

I’ve told you about my battle with the damn squirrels and my vegetable garden.  I’ve had the little rodents drop tomatoes out of trees at me, seen them scamper up those same trees with squash blossoms clenched in their tiny damn jaws, and found the carrot tops that were protruding out of the ground with little squirrelly bites taken out of them.

Yet, I continue to plant vegetables and complain!

This year I actually got five full size celebrity tomatoes and a bunch of grape tomatoes. 

Celebrity Tomato
The first tomato!
Celebrity and Grape tomatoes
And a few more, all five of the large tomatoes went into tomato sandwiches. The dozens of grape tomatoes were destined for salads or just popped into the grandkids mouths when I asked them to go pick them.  “Hey, where’s the tomatoes?”  Nom, nom, nom.

I suspect the damn squirrels were just so happy with finding a way to get into my “squirrel-proof” bird feeders, they forgot all about those silly vegetables.

Dam Squirrel
Damn squirrel in the First Bird Feeder
Damn Squirrel
And another one in the second!

And then dessert from the hummingbird feeder.  Who needs tomatoes?

Squirrel on feeder

The vegetable garden is done until fall.  Only plants left are chewed up parsley covered with lots of caterpillars!

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