In the Garden – Yellow

In the Garden – Yellow

When I came home from our recent journey, I was greeted with some new color in my gardens. 

I have to admit that yellow flowers have never been my favorite.  I have no idea why. Who would not love those sunny bunny happy faces?

MandevillaMy neighbor gave me these mandevilla last year and they were dead looking sticks.  When Mary Jane brought them over, she said they were yellow vines.  And all I thought was “Yellow? Where am I going to put yellow?”  So I stuck them in the ground behind the trellis. They weren’t more than two feet tall three weeks ago and now they have half of the trellis–front and back–covered.  (Along with twining around one of the Don Juan roses.) And they are beautiful. Plus they smell really good.

MandevillaThis yellow bush started out as an annual in a pot a few years ago.  Something I bought for the sunny front stoop because it needed a little color for an event we were having.  When everything in the pot had withered, I just dumped the whole thing in the shed garden.  (That’s where things go when they aren’t looking good.  Watch out if I tell you to sit in the shed garden!) 

Yellow floweryellow flowerEven better, it has reseeded and there are a bunch of little yellow flower plants starting.

Of course, I’ve had cosmos for several years.  Starting out with a few packets of seeds in several colors, only the orange and yellow survived.  And thrived. 

cosmosI can’t kill these black-eyed Susans.  Really.  I’ve tried.  One year I pulled every one of them up.  But they defy me.  I accept them now.  

black eyed susan

Started these yellow milkweed from some fluffy white seedlings that were just laying there on a plant in a public place.  Just asking to be taken home in my pocket.  The monarchs were very happy to have them.

MilkweedAnd then Mary Jane gave me this yellow plumeria.  That was still blooming.  Wow! 

PlumeriaWhich makes me wonder, why have I never wanted yellow flowers?  

2 thoughts on “In the Garden – Yellow

  1. Two of my Daddy’s favorites – Don Juan roses and yellow mandevillas :-). Thanks for sharing, Kathy. PS, love the 365 Project pix too, specially that night blooming jasmine – mmm,mmm.

    • Thanks Yvonne. Now I’m thinking that the yellow mandevilla is actually a alamanda???? But that’s definitely a night blooming jasmine. Got that name directly from the source!

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