It’s an Otter Party!

Never know what I might find lookin’ out my back door.  These five otters spent the morning swimming in our canal and teasing the neighbors dogs.  After all that fun they shimmied up the kayak dock ramp and rolled around on the boat dock.  They’re getting so brave, they’ll probably be taking the boat out for a cocktail cruise!

Five Otters on the Dock

They saw me on the back deck taking pics. They were obviously not afraid of me, but I was definitely wary of them.  I’m pretty sure five otters could take me.  Can otters climb stairs?

Otters on the DockOtters catching the rays

Four of the otters decided to check out the lower level of the dock but this one stayed around for awhile.

It's an Otter Party!And took a nap.

It's an Otter Party!

 Stay as long as you want!

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