It’s My Birthday!

and I’ll cry if I want to… 

Just kidding.  I don’t mind having birthdays.  In fact I LOVE having birthdays.  It’s an excuse to celebrate with a party and cake. And beer.

I don’t particularly like saying

Fiiiiifffffftttty Niiiiiiiine.

But how often do people actually ask you how old you are? 

Not Often.

364 days until the big 6 0 ! 

And I think there might be many celebrations over the next 364 days–just to practice for the big party.

Terry and Me
Me and Terry. I didn’t take this photo–we got a pro!


I’ve decided to document this big year.  In case you haven’t noticed the new tab on the menu, there’s one called Project 365.  I linked up with a photography blog that is taking a picture a day and posting it on their blogs.  Some of the participants are creating new blogs, but I figured a new page was good enough. 

While I’ve read it’s difficult to actually take a picture every day, I think for me it will be difficult to pick out which picture to post.  Cause I take a lot of pictures. 

And they won’t be a bunch of photos of me.  They’ll be photos of our life.  And maybe a lot of Maggie. 

I’ll be using three cameras, a Canon EOS Rebel T3, a Fujifilm FinePix XP70 (It’s water proof and shock proof for my kayaking shots) and my iPhone 4s (way out-of-date!)

So, check out the new page once in while, and see what’s happening in my almost 60th year!

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  1. Belated Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a wonderful day. Sorry I missed the date, but too much going on and most of it was illness and rehab. with Jim’s mom. I have had an email going since before Thanksgiving.

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