Jam, Part 2

Michelle gave me one of her homemade jars of blueberry jam last week.  Yum!  Lucky me, neither Maggie nor Terry eat jam.  So it’s all mine!

All dressed up, in my favorite color!

I had a nibble out of the jar and then decided my first real taste would be on a waffle.  If I was Michelle, I would have made the waffle from scratch, but in reality, if I made it, then it would be burnt.  At least this one is organic from Van’s.  (And I quite often burn those in the toaster)

That bite looks really big, but that's a really small waffle. (Or maybe my mouth really is that big!)
Lo-cal and delicious! You can check out Michelle’s recipe and instructions here: http://ktgreendesign.com/time-for-jam/


2 thoughts on “Jam, Part 2

  1. Awww, I’m so glad you like it as much as I do. I’m no health foodie, but this is a tasty treat for me. I like to taste more fruit than sweet, and the WheyLo really plays well with it.
    Here’s a thought, you are our resident ‘fit person’ so how about a one-day-a-week blog to showcase a particular thing (product) you like? Like the WheyLo, or DRY roasted cashews (which I didn’t know about until I stumbled on them), or a new shoe?? I just opened a jar of that new Better n’PeanutButter I picked up at Target…85%less fat/40% less calories! and it’s real peanuts, etc. OMG! Yummy! – now I’ll see if my tummy likes it too (me and some fat substitutes are NOT friends).

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