JesAndy Jubilee, The Cake Story

During one of our wedding planning committee meetings, Jes said she wanted a stump for the cake stand.  Perfect for a rustic wedding.  Terry was assigned the task and he immediately called our tree guy Eli from JLH Tree Company.  Eli said he’d find one but by the beginning of April we were a little concerned about getting a stump.  Especially when the cake maker said it had to be at least 18″ in diameter.

Michelle found one on Etsy for $60!  Zowie!  We needed to redouble our efforts to find a free stump!

One day while out on our bikes we spotted some pieces of tree and asked the owner if we could have one.  We took one of those plus Terry took a slice of a large stump that was still in the ground.JesAndy Jubilee!  The Cake Story!

JesAndy Jubilee!  The Cake Story!Nine days before the wedding Eli showed up with the perfect stump!  Yippee!

JesAndy Jubilee!  The Cake Story!

Michelle and Ellen designed and created the cake.

According to Michelle: “Jes asked for the ‘light stucco’ style icing. Mom was all “It was so perfect and smooth until I had to rough it up.” We used gum paste leaves, and real berries with buttercream icing (a little extra butter in that buttercream – tasty ) on the outside. The cake itself was lemon scented white cake. Inside was a whipped cream style icing with the blueberry jam filling. Yes, the same jam from the favors. Simply lovely.”

JesAndy Jubilee!  The Cake Story!

JesAndy Jubilee!  The Cake Story!

JesAndy Jubilee!  The Cake Story!

The other two stumps didn’t go to waste.  They served as platforms for the manatee photo board and then helped out in the fire pit late Sunday night!

JesAndy Jubilee!  The Cake Story!

Okay.  That’s it for this wedding week.  New adventures ahead!

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  1. It was just as delicious as it was beautiful. The clean-up crew finished it off Sunday. Nothing left for Jes and Andrew on the year anniversary!

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