July 1st Shout Out!

Thought I’d start out the month by doing a little shout out….

First, Rosie Rendules, friend and neighbor, is running for the Homosassa Special Water District board.  Go Rosie!

I couldn’t find any pics of just Rosie, but here’s a group pic from earlier this year.  We were all dressed up fancy schmancy that night.

That’s Rosie way over on the right….

Rosie is also working on saving the Old Homosassa Water Tower that was scheduled for demolition.  If you want to help out with the effort, go out to Facebook and search for “Save Homosassa Water Tower”.  There’s a group that Marian MacRae started called Old Homosassa Historical Preservation Society (OHHPS). They are currently working on making the group nonprofit. They are also planning on putting up a website.  If you want to help out, ask to join through Facebook. 

I met a couple of people down at the Shed this week that have been following my blog.  I was so glad that they came up and introduced themselves.  Made my day!  They are looking for property in the area and stumbled across my website.  Fun!

Myra Kevin
Me, Myra and Kevin. Future new neighbors!

We rode our bikes to the River Fest Friday night.  Crazy, right? Terry had lots of lights on the bikes. Everything would have been fine if I just hadn’t had that last glass of wine.  Yes, I fell off on my way home while we were cutting through the woods. I landed in a big pile of fluffy weeds.  No harm.  I just like to admit that I’m occasionally really stupid!

This Saturday is the 2nd Annual Mullet Toss at the Old Mill Tavern.  We’ll be riding our bikes, again, but this event takes place during the day.  I should be okay!  The money goes to the Homosassa Elementary school. 

And last shout out is to Paul and Sue, wherever you are.  Here’s some photos of your new neighbor’s property!

Paul and Sue's yard
From your front yard…
That gates’s gonna keep out the bad guys!
Close up
And close up! Looking forward to the next upgrade!



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