Just a little story….

Last week I started having cable problems. Which means I have Internet and Phone problems, too, since they are both handled by the cable company.  I could still get on the web, but it was s-l-o-w.  The phone had a dial tone but the calls didn’t actually go through. So I made all my calls on my cell phone.  Usually when I was riding in my car because cell service is pretty bad in my house and non-existent in Old Homosassa. Our TV is with DirecTV but it also needs the cable for some of the extra features. 

But I hate to call customer service–such a waste of time that I’ll never get back!  So I just put up with it. 

But everything finally completely died so I had to call.  But I couldn’t use the house phone because it was dead.  And you know I have to be outside for my cell phone to have one bar.  And then there’s the astonishing fact that the cable company isn’t listed in the yellow pages.  And I couldn’t search for it on the Internet–because I didn’t have one! 

But I persevered and the guy from India sent me a signal to make everything start up again.  Except it only worked for a couple of minutes–just long enough for me to hang up from our pleasant conversation.

So Terry and I went to the country store and I played with a cat, and looked at the chicks, and a nice young man insisted on carrying out the 25-lb bag of sunflower seeds we bought then we went to the grocery store and bought a big bottle of wine and when I came home, everything really did work. 


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  1. I’m jealous – My adventures with The Cable Nerds never turn out so well. OK, things usually get solved, but there’s normally new equipment required and some kind of system upgrade. It’s like an annual event! At least it’s better than when we lived in B’ville. There, we had a connection box on a pole that vines and bugs kept destroying….nature trying to get even with technology! Glad yours works 😉

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