Just another day in Perfect

Just another day in Perfect

So I planned on putting a post up today BUT keep getting distracted.

My son called last night.

Mom, do you see what they are saying about Terry on FB?

Yes, yes, we do.

Oh, the wonders of social media.

Someone named Grace L. Cooley said that “the man I just met there had a red nose and cheeks and the smell of alcoholic on his breath. ” We looked at her photo on FB and Terry said, I’d remember her!  Really young person.  Everyone is like over 60 that he usually talks to.  And we remember the young ones because we want them to join the civic club!  And that description? Really?  Was she talking to W. C. Fields?

Okay, let’s forget all that bad stuff and remember the good.  Last week was really busy.  Starting on the Friday before…..

We went to a legislative session with Representative Dr. Ralph Masullo and Senator Wilton Simpson.  They are supporting the “Access to the River” committee and the working waterfront park on the river and there should be some money.  The committee has been working on this for two years.  This might be the year that we actually get our park!


Then on Monday evening, Terry was sworn in as president of the Homosassa Civic Club.



Another Yippee!!!!!

Tuesday morning I attended the County Commission meeting about RESTORE funds.  The county is all about building the park.  They are calling it the “Sunset Park”. Same park that the “Access to the River” commitee has been working on.  But we’ve changed the name to “Old Homosassa Heritage Park”.  Doesn’t matter.  Just fund it.  And they are putting RESTORE funds towards it.  How great is that?

There were also discussions about another park at “Sportmans Cove”.  We are now calling that the “Old Homosassa Water Tower Park”.  Because it’s the property behind the water tower.  Duh!  Name it.  And they will fund it.  That’s our new theory. But seriously, how great would that be?

Finally–the county and the state are noticing OLD HOMOSASSA!

And then there were more meetings.  And more meetings. The second week of the month has meetings morning, noon, and night.

Oh yeah, and lots of nasty posts and comments on FB.

Oh yeah, articles in the newspaper.

Here’s the second article of last week’s series.


We also made the Citrus Chronicle’s week in review.

The Learning Center is OPEN.  Never closed. We have volunteers that will be there Monday through Wednesday.  3:30 – 5:30.  More programs coming.

And we will not respond to those nasty comments on social media. What a waste of time.

And there are a lot of questions about missing tech equipment from the Learning Center that the Civic Club paid for.  We have the receipts.  Lots of receipts.  7 laptops.  Surveillance equipment. Projectors.

That’s not a social media threat.  That’s a FACT.

Like I already said, the Learning Center is open.  We are tutoring the kids from the Homosassa Elementary School.  They need to pass the “test” to keep the A rating of the school.  I have mixed emotions about that whole testing thing, but for now, we will help the school make that rating.

Because that’s what we do.



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