Just Stuff

Just Stuff

Happy First Day of December!  Only 24 days until Christmas!

I had totally planned on updating this blog on Monday with photos and words.  Lots of words.  But both of my blogs are having issues.  Sometimes, like now, I can get on.  Other times, like most of the rest of the week, it times out.

The blogging software I use is WordPress which is probably the most popular in the universe. (Really, I’m sure it is!) The host where the blog actually resides is GoDaddy. Also probably the most popular host in the universe. (Maybe not so sure on that one!)

I called GoDaddy tech support and was told that I was using too many “plug ins”.  Which is a fancy dancy word for apps. I’ve been using the same plug ins for a few years now and it suddenly seems to be too many.  Some of these plug ins provide protection against spam, malware, and viruses.  I hesitate to remove them.  Others give me pinterest connections, goggle fonts, search engines, and other pretty things.  I have deactivated them all.

The WordPress forums all say that it’s the Hosts fault.  Which is pretty normal in the tech support world.  I used to be in that field and when there was a problem the hardware people blamed the software people that blamed the network people that blamed the hardware people….

A new version of WordPress is due to be delivered.  Hopefully that will fix the problem.  Or maybe it will make it worse!

Okay, that’s enough words for today. I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t abandoned this blog.  I actually got designsbyktgreen.com up and running. Kinda sorta. So if you follow that blog, new post on Thursday.

Hoping to get some Friday Meanderings up this week and follow up with photos and stories next week!

Meanwhile here's a photo of Maggie! Not looking happy. Maybe going to go for the jugglar!
Meanwhile here’s a photo of Maggie! Not looking happy. Maybe going to go for the jugglar! The pooch does not like her picture taken!


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