Kim’s Cafe

Kim’s Cafe


“What a Fish Reuben really is”

Lunch is my totally favorite meal to go out to eat.  

I can make breakfast at home.  Seriously.  I always have eggs and toast here.  Quite often bacon and hash browns in the fridge.  Just a few of our staples.  Easy Peasy.

Terry likes to make dinner.  He’s expanded his grilling horizons and makes all kinds of yummy meals for us.  

But lunch?  It just happens to occur while we are out running errands.  So easy to stop in and grab a sammy.

One of my favorite local places is Kim’s Cafe.  Prices are good, service is quick, and the food is really yummy.  And it’s only about 12 minutes away.  (Used to be 10 minutes but now we have that 25 mph golf cart zone and drivers are taking that very seriously. It’s also a good excuse for me whenever I’m late for a meeting)

Last week after I wrote about how disappointed I was with the fish reuben at  Norton’s Riverside Sportsbar, I met a couple of my good friends at Kim’s.  Which just happens to have a fish reuben on the menu.  And you know I had to order it.  My friend Yvonne never had one before but loved the corned beef version of the reuben and was ready to give it a try.

Kim's Cafe
Oh yes!  That’s a Fish Reuben! Complete with rye bread AND sauerkraut!


Kims' Cafe
Donna ordered the fried fish platter. It was huge!

Yvonne is now a fish reuben lover.  

So good!

Then the next day, Terry said let’s have lunch at Coyote Cafe.  

I’ve already wrote about Coyote Cafe right here in Old Homosassa a few times so this isn’t really a review. (Love the place, the chef, and the servers)

Just want to say that there is a Reuben on their menu.  And that’s what I ordered.  And this is what a real reuben looks like!

Coyote Cafe Reuben

coyote cafe reuben
OH yes corned beef and sauerkraut!

Here’s Terry’s ham and cheese.  (he would never eat anything with sauerkraut on it.) Yum for him.  Next to chicken wings, I think this is possibly his favorite food!

coyote cafe

Then I thought, I should just write reviews for Fish Reubens all over the county!  But then Friday we stopped at Old Mill Tavern (another local favorite) and they had a fish reuben on the menu.  And I said, Nope, can’t have reubens three days in one week!

Next time!

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