Lovely Fabrics recently had Premier Prints material at 15% off.  Along with the 15% coupon that’s always on and free shipping for anything over $35, I had to buy a few (or more) yards!

I’ve been using orange, gray, and yellow combo fabrics lately.  Go figure.  They were out of my favorite Ikat Domino Slub Chili Pepper that I’ve used in a few posts:

Premier Prints Ikat Domino Slub Chili Pepper

Since it was out of stock, obviously I’m not the only one that liked it.  But I did buy these three prints in my new favorite color combo:
Blooms Slub Chili Pepper, Hippie Chick Slub Chili Pepper, and Paradara Slub Chili Pepper

I bought some more of this Indoor/Outdoor Polka Dot Blue Moon fabric for a settee and chair in a little nook on my deck.

I’ve been admiring this paisley for quite some time but never could find a use for it.
Paisley Chocolate

Since it was on sale and I needed something to put me over the $35 free shipping requirement, I bought it.  I was going for the chocolate and turquoise colors and didn’t even realize how much green was in it.  I’m not crazy about green.  So I’m plan to leave this lying around my house in various spots and draped over assorted chairs until I decide what to do with it.  If nothing else, it could make two or three pretty totes. doesn’t pay me for mentioning their website  (darn). I use them because they are the cheapest, the quickest, the most reliable, and they have awesome customer service.

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