Luminary Art Nights

We had another weather-perfect Spring weekend.  And we were busy busy busy.  

Of course, the highlight of the weekend was the Luminary Art Nights.  

And it was even better because our “part-time” neighbors Bill and Ellen (whose family have had a place right around the corner on our canal for over 40 years)  surprised us with a text that they were relaxing in Old Homosassa for the weekend and ‘were we going to the Luminary Art Night?’  

And you know the answer to that was YES!

Six galleries participated in the Luminary Art Nights this past weekend.  I didn’t get to cover some of the galleries in my posts last week so I’m featuring photos from the other three places that I snapped at Saturday night’s festivities.

We started out at Watson’s Art Gallery and Studio and were greeted by Gil and Wendy Watson’s three sons and a roaring bonfire.  Wonderful pieces created by local artists were displayed outside and covered all the interior walls plus several tables.

Next up was the Olde Mill House Gallery where Jim “Bo” Anderson, owner, entertained us with witty commentary and printing press demonstrations.   

Printing Press
Jim “Bo” Anderson demonstrating the printing press…..
Jim "Bo" Anderson
and explaining what the real definition of a Florida Cracker is! And how many people know that the Cracker name came from the crack of the whip used to drive cattle? 
Olde Mill HOuse Gallery & CAfe
Terry and I thought this was very cool. Think it would look great on one of our walls but I doubt if Bo would part with it!

Bo showed Ellen and I how to make thank you cards.

Printing Press

Printing Press

Olde Mill House Gallery & Cafe
Ellen’s new thank you card. Bo even had envelopes for us!
notecards from Olde Mill House Gallery & Cafe
Bo made the one on the left on the big printing press, I made the one on the right with the little press.

We stopped in at Riverworks to check out Kevin Jenkins’s copper sculptures and driftwood furniture by Mark Arnett.




Next up was River Safaris & Coyote Cafe.

Coyote Cafe

Coyote Cafe
Terry thought this guy looked like Maggie.

Our last stops were the Glass Garage where Ellen and Bill purchased some beautiful glass jewelry and I met the artists Louise Whitney and Lori Lenoir and then on to The Pepper Creek Pottery.  We ended our evening with a delicious dinner at the Seagrass.  

The evening was wonderful and the traffic of incoming visitors to the galleries was non-stop. Such a great event. I especially love that all of the owners and artists are locals and have made an investment in our community.

Next up–Shrimpaplooza on Saturday.  Parade at 10 am!  Be there! 

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  1. We had a wonderful time seeing the artists, their work and visiting with the many people in our community who turned out to enjoy this great event!

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