Maggie’s Big Back Yard

I totally missed the Homosassa River Raft Race on Saturday.   We intended to go–what could be more fun than watching a bunch of drunks in boats throwing water balloons and shooting water cannons at one another? Awesome fun.  Seriously, we are faithful attendees of all things Old Homosassa.  So you know it was important stuff that distracted us from the race.

Yeah, we were working in the yard.  And how boring is that?  But it had to be done.  Hey, we have a wedding here in less than four weeks!  Zowie!

We had one last overgrown corner in our back yard.  There was a small boat parked there and a bunch of firewood.  Which was nice and neat at first, but in typical Florida style, the jungle crept out and consumed the area.

After Terry and I got the boat moved out, it was my job to pick up all the firewood and move the stash to the firepit.  Some of the old wood was pretty nasty.  Lots of ants but no snakes or scorpians.  Terry attacked the palmetto bushes and their roots with a hatchet and shovel.  15 bags of dirt, a rake, and we have reclaimed this wee corner to civilization.  And as soon as hurricane season passes, we’ll be following up with many bags of mulch.  (Mulch has a tendancy to float away to the neighbor’s yards during our active storm season)

Here’s a pic from 9 years ago–June 2003–right before we bought the house.


And here’s a pic of Terry thinking, “What have we gotten ourselves into?”

Almost Perfect

But we perservered and have turned the house and yard around.  With lots of hard work, scratches, bruises and sore muscles over the last 9 years.   It’s our Perfect.

Maggie's Big Back Yard


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