Meanderings on Monday

Thought I’d start out with some exciting news.  I’m now a weekly blogger for the Chronicle Online.  I sent an email to the publisher Gerry Mulligan after I read his column last Sunday and he asked me to start blogging for them about the local places I visit.  Fun!  I can only post a few pics on the new blog so you’ll have to come here for the complete pictorial story!  Oh yeah, it’s completely voluntary but I’m doing it for this blog so I’m extending it to another platform.  So here’s my first post:

I’ll be updating every Thursday and will post the link here on Monday.

Upcoming events:  The Shrimpapalooza is returning to Old Homosassa.  A parade, a festival and I can get there on my bicycle. My kind of event!  Last year’s parade was so much fun with locals, dogs, corvettes, golf carts, beads and lots of food in the festival grounds by the Homosassa Civic Club–the same place that the Homosassa Seafood Festival is held in November.

And because one party is never enough, there is a kick off party at High Octane Saloon on March 8th.

And now lets talk about the chicken wing challenge! One of the highlights in Gerry Mulligan’s column which I posted about last Monday is “the consumption of large amounts of chicken wings” in Citrus County.  He lists Lollygaggers in Crystal River, Coaches in Inverness, and the Cove on the east side of Inverness.  So Terry and I’ve decided to do a little “investigative reporting” and find out what’s so special about these pubs and their wings.  I’m not a wing lover but Terry is so he’ll have to be the judge on that aspect–I’ll be there to check out the atmosphere.  I know there’s a lot of local readers out there, so if you want to join us in this challenge, let me know, either with a comment or email!

More fun to come!

Meanderings on Monday
Terry’s Wings


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