“Meet and Greet” honoring Senator Charlie Dean

“Meet and Greet” honoring Senator Charlie Dean


Event OVER!  The original date of June 6 for the “Meet and Greet” just happened to be the day that Tropical Storm Colin decided to hit Old Homosassa.  Lots of rain and wind.  Minor flooding, some tree damage.  

Of course, the “Meet and Greet” was cancelled.

Roger Cullin, Rosey Rendueles, and I have been preparing for this event for at least six months.  Although it seems like it’s been years.

And finally it happened Monday night.  It’s over.  Now I can get back to regular life.

And of course, I have pictures and commentary.

First, I want to show you the newly painted Homosassa Civic Club.  I wish I had a before photo of the 80’s burgundy valances, the horrendous mural painted on the wall, the nasty bookcase, the cheaply framed photos.  

But all I have are “afters”.

Homosassa Civic Club

Homosassa Civic Club
Those prints were already here but I reframed them. Such a difference.

Homosassa Civic Club

I still plan to make new up-to-date valances for the windows. The tables all need replaced because they are stained and just nasty but good sturdy tables are expensive so for now we keep tablecloths on them.  The art on this wall is all about the new “Working Waterfront” park.  Two prints of renderings made by local artists, Sheldon and Cleo Lydy.  

Homosassa Civic Club
The dessert table. We had even more appetizers on the tables that lined the other wall.

The Civic Club is a “non-political” community group so meetings or statements endorsing candidates can not be made but we can honor a politician.  This event was to honor Charlie Dean who lived in the area all of his life, was the Sheriff for 16 years, and then was in the Florida Senate.  Politicians may attend, they just can’t “politic”.

This meeting was also a way to get attention for the parks that the “Access to the River” committee has been working on.  

Senator Charlie Dean
Senator Charlie Dean
Wilton Simpson
That’s our new senator on the left, Wilton Simpson.
Justin Grabelle
Justin Grabelle, running for US Rep Rick Nugents seat.

Almost all of the sheriff candidates were there, along with a woman running for school board, and a few men running for County Commission.  Good time to get noticed!

Charlie Dean
Rodney MacRae spoke about his association with Charlie Dean.  That’s the president of the Civic Club, Jim Bitter, in the other chair.
Homosassa Civic Club
And Rodney presented a plaque to the retiring senator.

Then it was time to get to the REAL deal.  Roger Cullen and Rodney, co-chairs of the “Access to the River” committee, presented packages with details about the two parks to the senators and representatives.

"Meet and Greet" honoring Senator Charlie Dean
From left, Roger Cullen, Jimmy T. Smith, currently FL Representative but his district has been eliminated so he is now running for county commissioner, Dr. Ralph Massulo, running unopposed for FL Representative, Senator Wilton Simpson, Senator Charlie Dean, and Rodney MacRae.

So we did our bit. Glad it’s over. Time to get our parks!  

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