Memorial Day 2015

I’ve been a slacker this week and missed two posts! 

But I’ve got excuses–it was a long holiday weekend and all the guest rooms were full. And I’m still trying to get my stuff together!

Shirley and Carroll
Terry’s mom and her friend Carroll stayed with us.

Besides having family here visiting, we thought it was a good time to have our annual Cornhole Tournament and Picnic on Monday.  We invited a few neighbors over to join in the fun. 

There was slip – n – slide, fishing, kayaking, a little blue grass, and a whole lot of eating!  We took a few moments to remember those veterans that were with us and those that didn’t return from combat.



And of course, there was Cornhole!

Everyone gets to play–from the youngest to the oldest!

Look at that form!
Memorial Day 2015
You can tell that we take our cornhole tournaments very seriously.

And this year’s champion Cornhole tossers were

Jon and Carroll

Jon and Carroll!

Now I just gotta get those beds made back up and everything will be back to normal!

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