Monday Musings

I’m back!!!

And so sad that the holidays are over.  so sad.

All the bright lights and bling.  The parties. The food. The family. The friends.

Truly my favorite time of the year.  What do I have to look forward to in January?  Inauguration? Presidents Day? Martin Luther King Jr. day? How do I decorate for those?  And who actually has a sparkly party for those occasions?

But anyhow….

I was in North Dakota for five days.  Would have been six but there was a white-out blizzard in the tundra on Christmas Day and my flight was moved to Tuesday.  And it was 2 degrees when I landed.  I took my first breath of that frigid air my lungs froze up.  Really. I’ve been to ND many times during the cold months (which are september to april) in the past six years but it’s never been that cold or had that much snow.

snow view

Alan and Riley
That’s Grandson Riley and son Alan clearing out the driveway. Fun,right?
Elsa nor I are going out that door!

Fortunately, my son and daughter-in-law take very good care of me and most of my visit was spent indoors. (I did some shuffling bundled from the house to the car to the event) And I had a wonderful time despite all of those towering drifts of snow.

I suggested to granddaughter Piper that she could go out her back door, get on the top of the patio table, and sled to the bottom of the hill.  And she said “I hate sled-riding, it gets snow in my pants!”

Really. wouldn’t that be great? Toboggan from the top of that table to the bottom of that hill? I spent my first 26 years in Pennsylvania. Loved sled riding. Followed by hot cocoa with marshmallows!

That girl is destined to live in Florida with her G’ma! (when she’s 18!)


I traveled to ND to attend my daughter-in-laws 40th birthday party.  Like I mentioned in my last post I didn’t bring my camera.  All my snaps are from my iPhone.  Therefore, I don’t have any photos from the party or the partiers.

But here’s Piper and Adley all dressed up and ready to go!
Piper and Adley

Although I did grab my DIL’s camera and took a lot of snaps–that memory card is back in the cold white north.  And I’ve heard rumours that there is a video of me doing karaoke. (blackmail?) Very scary.

So, does anyone have any great resolutions or goals for 2-0-1-7????

I don’t.  I’m not a resoluting, goal-making kind of person.

But I will tell you now what I am not doing.

No more Project 365.  No posting a photo a day.  (Not that I actually posted every day this year) Sorry Yvonne!

The last few months I’ve been quite erratic on the whole photo a day thing.

I’ll still be taking pics–but not posting them daily.  It just got too difficult and turned into a trial rather than fun.

The joy was gone.

Again, Sorry Yvonne!

But, until our friends in Russia take over my blog, I’ll keep sporadically posting!

Thanks for continuing to follow my little (im) perfect life!


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