Monday Musings

Monday Musings

Missed Friday Meanderings.  Decided to put up Cookie Day Pics instead.

Still having issues with the website. But it is limping along.

I’m not starting a regular Monday Musings.  Just thought it was appropriate on this post.

Today is Maggie’s 17th birthday.  Happy Birthday Poochie Pie!  Still walking every morning and sometimes running!

Maggie the puppy


If you are my FB friend, you know I’ve been in Mt. Dora with a bunch of Old Homosassa buds. We started planning this trip way back last summer.  I was delighted to be included.

Here’s the bunch of us….

HOmosassa Besties

From left to right we have me, ruth, michelle, connie, sue, melinda and rosey.

And I’m thinking about how we all met up.

Connie and Rosey I’ve know for several years just cause we hang out in the same places in Old Homosassa. Ruth lost her husband a few years ago and recently started volunteering in our community groups and I met her at one of the community parties.  Sue I just met this summer–at the same party.  She moved in permanently last week but has been a weekend home owner for many years.  Michelle is part of the group bringing down the CR nuclear power plant and a neighbor along with her wife Renee that couldn’t make the trip.  Melinda moved here six years ago from Mt. Dora when her mom and dad that already lived here wanted her to move to be closer because dad was on his last days. Dad is still with us, as is Melinda.  Met her in the past year, too.

A very eclectic group brought together just because we live in Old Homosassa. And we all like to have fun.  Oh, one more constant, we all go to the Old Mill Tavern!

Very cool.

I’ve recently been into making selfie group shots.  Not just that one above and the cookie day happy people.  I’ve known a lot of these women for over 25 years.

Cookie Day 2016

Here’s Thanksgiving with the family.


The  annual family cornhole tournament.  Winners were Darin and Justin!

Cornhole Tournament

And breakfast, just because it was breakfast with the fam!

Sunday morning breakfast

Oh.  And here’s Jes and me.

Kristin Wigg

Yes.  She has tiny hands.  That’s why I never had her get piano lessons.

Okay.  Where am I going with all this? I think I had a message that I was going to put here when I first started writing this but now I’m clueless.

Oh wait.  I remember.  It’s that in all these photos, I have friends and family.  New friends, old friends, and family.  And.  All important in so many ways to me.  I am so thankful to having all of you.

Especially thankful to my husband who also loves all the friends and family and pushes me to do more and inspires me with his leadership in the community.

I’m going to keep on posting when I get a chance.  And continue meandering about nothing in particular on Fridays.  And putting up photos on Project 365 when I actually take a photo and the website will let me post.

Oh wait! There’s more!

I have a lot of stuff going on.  Headed to North Dakota in a few weeks so I can take part in the protests.  Just kidding.  Going there to celebrate Daughter-In-Law Lauri’s 40th birthday.  (By the way Jes and daughter-in-law Karen are having their 40th bdays this year, too.  Hope I get invited to their BIG BIRTHDAY PARTIES!)

There’s a holiday in there, too.

And I’m taking office in January.  Very excited about all that.  I’m the HONORABLE KATHY GREEN now.  I have to pay my $10 to the state to actually make that official!  Just got the bill this weekend.  Is that too funny?

And it’s Monday and we have a BIG vote at the Homosassa Civic Club and I hope everyone reading this that is a member makes it to the meeting.

And I hope to continue making new friends, hanging with the old friends, and spending special moments with the family.

4 thoughts on “Monday Musings

    • 1. You have to be here and play to win!!!!!
      2. I thought you’d like that comment about the protests! Looks like they are over anyhow!
      3. 39! Ha! Then I’m 39 with a two + decade lifetime pause!

  1. Hope you have extra high boots for ND from the pics I’ve seen. Enjoy the time with your grandkids! Jes is going to be how old?? She married a much younger man!

    • Yeah Terry, it looks like I’ll need thigh high boots for my trip! Terry likes to share with me every morning the temp in Bismarck! This morning it was minus 32. Really? Do planes fly in that cold of weather????? And yes, Jes is a bit older than Andrew!

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