More Otters

Maybe I post too many otters photos…..I can’t help it, they stop by and use the kayak dock.  Guess they like the convenience of the ramp. Or maybe they’re after the crabs and oysters that attach themselves under the dock. 

Otter on the kayak rampOtter on the kayak ramp

Otter leavingAnd comes backAnd then a second otter stopped by for a crunchy shell fish snack…

Second otter arrivesCrunchy shell fish snackYumLook at those teethMoving onNever enough otter photos!

5 thoughts on “More Otters

  1. So cool. Yesterday I found an article with pictures of an otter attacking and eating a small alligator. Interesting.

    • Not surprised, Allie. They are aggressive and not a bit afraid of the dogs in the area or me! The first otter in the post was barking at me!

  2. I was going to tell you about the article too but I guess Allie beat me to it.

    And, there can never be enough otter pics!! Keep up the good work.

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