Mosaic Art Garden Border–Part 1

I started a mosaic art border along one of gardens a few years ago.  I had taken a mosaics class that used stained glass.  I even bought all the glass cutting tools and a glass grinder.  But I was a wee bit afraid of cutting my fingers.  Still am.  There goes the banjo career!  So much easier to just use found objects, glass marbles, and tile.  And I have yet to cut any fingers.

I’ve pressed the grandkids into service to get even more original art in my yard! 

Addy's First Mosaic
Addy’s First Mosaic
Riley making a mosaic
Riley’s mosaic is “space”.  There’s the earth, sun, a planet and the sky.
Justin and Courtney creating art
Justin and Courtney in their initial design phase.
Krazy Kendall
Krazy Kendall and her project.  Modern art open to interpretation.
Addy's an old pro at it now.
Addy’s an old pro at it now.  This is me walking Maggie by a tree.  Or maybe it’s a flower.  At night. Come on, you can see it!
One of my creations
This is the beginning of one of my mosaics.
Gators aren't really green
Gators aren’t really green
This little guy was in the canal behind our house.  Not green.
This little guy was in the canal behind our house. Not green.
Just a little mix of cheap paints
Just a little mix of cheap paints
Weldbond and tile repair mortar
Typically we use weldbond glue but I was afraid the little concrete gator wouldn’t stick so we tried tile repair mortar. I’ll let you know how that works out after a few of our Florida deluges.
Gator with tile repair mortar
Gator with tile repair mortar
mixing the grout
I have a hard time mixing up the grout by hand. My entire arm goes numb. Terry came up with this great idea. He pounded the end of a paint can opener flat and stuck it in his drill! We like to call him the Wizard!
Before grout
Before grout
And after
And after

Next step, put on a layer of grout sealer.  Then place them on the next sunny day. Maybe I’ll have the finished project to show you next Thursday! 

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