No Carrots at Christmas!

Yeah, that’s my motto at Christmas time. 

You know those fitness magazines that have all kinds of advice to keep those pounds off over the holidays.  Like eat a small meal before going to a Christmas party or filling up on carrots and celery from that holiday buffet…

That’s doo-doo. 

It’s the feasting season–time to overindulge.  It only comes once a year! And this year it only lasts 5 weeks.  I always gain 5 pounds over the holidays and I enjoy every ounce of it! Then I spend January getting rid of it.  Which I did this year but then I gained it back and then lost it and then gained it back…..  Those pesky five pounds.

I had a couple of ah-ha moments last weekend.

First was climbing that crazy observation tower. Observation tower

I admit to having a fear of very high places and was pretty sure I wouldn’t make it to the top of the platform so that wasn’t my “ah-ha” moment.  It was how bad I felt on Sunday. My calves were doing some major mooing from climbing about 35 of the 50 feet of that tower.  I thought WOW!  I’m really outta shape!

The second was when I was getting ready to go to a very nice brunch at a very nice country club with some very nice people.  I couldn’t get my very nice black capris zipped up. 

So……Monday morning I started on a NEW fitness and diet program.  (Note I didn’t start the program on Sunday–I wasn’t missing that brunch!) And maybe I’ll stick with it if I share it with you.  My goal is to get in better shape and lose ten pounds.  (Ten pounds so I can be ahead of the game for that Christmas buffet.)  I downloaded some apps to keep track of my calories and exercise, have new running shoes, stocked up on healthy food and started getting a little more exercise.

So on Fridays I’ll be sharing my new healthy and fit lifestyle.  I’ve done this before. I started a “Fit for Life” feature over two years ago based on the diet book but I seemed to have lost my way.  So I’m back at it. Every Friday I hope to have a different subject to cover. 

And I’m open to any advice you might have–other than eating carrots at Christmas!

Let's Go!
Let’s Go!


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