Norton’s Riverside Sports Bar & Grill

Norton’s Riverside Sports Bar & Grill

Nortons Riverside

There’s a new sports bar in Crystal River.  Well, not really new.  It’s been open for several months, just took us awhile to check it out.

So I thought I’d let you know what I thought about the place.

It’s part of a small restaurant chain.

Norton's Riverside Sports Bar and Grill

There’s no River.  So if you are expecting a waterside brew.  Not happening. The “river” is a short walk from the bar.  But I do not consider that “riverside”.

If you are looking for a sports bar with lots of TVs and a large selection of beer plus decent food, this is your place.

Norton's Riverside Sports Bar and Grill
Terry counted 15 TVs and a projector.

We went really early.  About 11:30 on a Friday.  Empty.  We were the only customers.  Eventually other diners started filtering in and by the time we left, several tables were occupied.

Norton's Riverside Sports Bar and Grill


Terry wanted to check out the wings, of course.  He ordered Cajun.


Note, no carrots or celery and Terry said that the wings were a bit overdone.

I ordered the Grouper Reuben.  I LOVE Reubens.  And I love Grouper.  Win-Win!

But…. not quite.  They didn’t have rye bread.  Had to use Wheat.  

Norton's Riverside Sports Bar and Grill

And they used coleslaw instead of sauerkraut.  Whaaaaaaat???!!!!

Norton's Riverside Sports Bar and Grill

I don’t know if this is how this sandwich is always served or perhaps they were out of saurkraut, I don’t care what Mr. or Ms. Norton call this sandwich, it was not a reuben.  This was a grilled grouper sandwich on wheat bread with coleslaw on top and thousand island dressing served on the side.

Good.  But not what I ordered.

So will we go back?  Probably.  Given the right circumstances.  

Like someone asked us and said they’d drive and buy dinner and all of the beer.  Yes, we’ll be there.  

Seriously, if this place was in Homosassa and we could just drive 5 minutes to go there, we’d go back. The food was decent, the place was clean, our server was pleasant and fast, there were a lot of TVs which would be fun to take our out-of-town friends to watch a game, and the music that they had piped in was a good variety of classic rock.  Not the boring elevator kind.

But this place is in Crystal River. Jeeze, a whole ‘nother 25 minutes away. And not on the water. I hope it’s a hit with the local CR people and the tourists. 

Next week, a restaurant critique from Homosassa!

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