Old Homosassa Boat Ramp — 3 Comments

  1. I found that article irritating as well. As if tourists are the only people in Homosassa with two nickels to rub together. And isn’t is so nice of those poor shuckers that show up to help out those lazy, rich people…and get PAID to do it…really?! ‘Mr.Homosassa-is-nothing-without-him-Cletis’, has obviously never been to the Shed (or remembers being there) at any other time than scallop season…or maybe it’s just the author that’s never been there before.

    Interesting about the attention starved good-ole boy, and his newly painted boat with a brand new Honda 225…It’s only too bad that he has to sell his catch to those nasty Yankees (aka, anyone-he-uses-the-label-for), so he can afford to paint his boat, have new gear and ‘whites’ to wear, as well as ‘cookin gas’ for his trailer….cause he lives in poor ole Homosassa. He may end up as Mr.Cox’s next interviewee. Although, Mr. Cox might not want to show up on a Friday night because he’ll not find a parking spot in the ‘ghost town’ of Old Homosassa.

    OK, I’ve vented,…

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