Old Homosassa Sidewalks Revisited

Where the Sidewalk Ends
Where the sidewalk ends….

I’ve posted a few times about the Old Homosassa Sidewalks, first back in July 2014 and then last Sunday.  If this is your first visit to my website, the concern is that we have seven large oaks that are marked to be removed between in the Sugarmill Ruins area for the sidewalks. I am all for the sidewalks, just not the destruction of several of our beautiful trees.
I emailed our county officials regarding this issue and received three responses.
From Commissioner Ron Kitchen: “Thank you for your concern for our community and for your well thought out comments. I am sure we will take what you say into consideration as the county continues with the planning process.”

Walt Eastmond, Transportation Project Manager, responded, “Good morning Mrs. Green – Thank you for your interest in the Yulee sidewalk project and taking the time to review the 60% plans and the site.  We appreciate your comments and will forward them to our consultant preparing the plans. 

And on Wednesday I was “cc:d” on an email from Randy Oliver, County Administrator, to Jeff Rogers:  “Jeff: Would you ask someone to follow up with Mrs. Green and copy Commissioner Kitchens and myself on the response.”

Jeff did not email me.  So sad. 

I’ll be following up on those emails this week.   

Here’s a website and some emails addresses for you.

Citrus County Board of County Commissioners       http://www.bocc.citrus.fl.us/

Ron Kitchen,  1st Vice Chairman and Commissioner District 2, Ron.Kitchen@bocc.citrus.fl.us

Randy Oliver, County Administrator,  Randy.Oliver@bocc.citrus.fl.us

Walt Eastmond, Transportation Project Manager, Walt.Eastmond@bocc.citrus.fl.us

Old Homosassa TreesOld Homosassa trees


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