Old Homosassa Sunday

Another three days of rain and cold.  But Sunday was SUNNY!  Yippie!

Took a ride down to Old Homosassa to see what we could see.

Couldn’t find parking.  Everyone in Citrus County decided to enjoy the sun in Old Homosassa. Saw a woman in a bikini.  Come on, it was 68 degrees! Must be from Minnesota.  A couple guys on jet skis. And they didn’t have on wet suits. Brrrrrrr!

A really little boat on a really big river….

Little boat on a Big River
This little baby came out of the back of a van. Didn’t get to see how they put it together.
Little boat on a big river
Attached the little motor…
Little boat on a big river
And away they go….to the Gulf! To go fishing!

Didn’t stay there long enough to see if they returned.  

Some pooches that were enjoying the sun.

Dogs in the HOod
Come on, what’s the holdup? I wanna go fishing!!
Dogs in the Hood
These guys were on the way to Monkey Island

And the monkeys were enjoying the sun, too.

Monkey Island
Monkey Island

Monkey Island

Monkey Island
Looks like they’re getting ready for a cocktail cruise!
Monkey Island
Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. Oh wait, there’s no motor on this boat!

And I’ve saved the best for last!

Our local Rooster is dressed for Valentines Day.
And this one is, too! Whaaaaat!


TWO ROOSTERS! And no one even lives at that house.
Someday, I’m going to find out where these roosters are coming from!

6 thoughts on “Old Homosassa Sunday

  1. Us Northerners have had sun, but not heat. It hasn’t been above freezing in days. We only get the allusion of heat, but that’s better than snowy Sunday.

  2. OMG ! 2 roosters!! They need corn hole boards set up, just for effect. Who does this ? Do they sneak in under cover of darkness to put them up? And they’re huge – it’d have to be a big, loud truck of some kind. Mystery poultry placement, hmmmm

  3. One more question…not to be picky, but looks like they’re dressed for Valentines Day…aren’t they both roosters? Just sayin.

    • Two. And I think they are moving very slowly across the yard. I’m afraid to get the paper in the morning. They could be lurking in the trees.

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