Old Town GM Car Show

Or how we accidentally entered a car show!

Terry and I recently joined the Citrus County Vettes and Camaros Club.  We both love sports cars and this group goes on outings in Florida.  Sounded like something we would enjoy plus it would fit right into my series of “top down travels”.

Our first adventure was to the Old Town Kissimmee GM Car Show.  We like to go to car shows but didn’t sign up to actually have our car in it. When we arrived–surprise–we were in the show.  Not much of a choice to move on.  So we made the best of it.  Put the top down, dusted the car off, and checked out all the other cars.   

2011 camaro
Our 2011 camaro


Right across from these customized Camaros


Old Town GM Car Show
And beside this 2014 Corvette!


61 corvette
Not just new cars, here’s a 61 corvette


2011 camarao
Terry and our 2011 Camaro

It was a beautiful day, we got to look at cool cars–old and new, and met some fun people.

Old Town GM Car Show
Barb and Ken McNally, (President) and Mac McGarry, (VP)

The next outing is to Kanapaha Botanical Gardens in Gainesville on March 29th then another car show at Crystal Chevrolet on April 13th.

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