On the River

On the River

Sunday is not our typical time to go out to the Homosassa River because it’s sooooo busy.  But Terry’s Mom and her friend Carroll were here and they asked to go out on the boat.  Shirley’s 91 years old and it was Mothers Day so we hated to disappoint them so we headed to the river fairly early and missed a lot of the congestion.

The Cosmos in our yard.

We take canals out to Mason Creek, cut over Petty Creek and head to Monkey Island.

Mason Creek
Headed over Mason Creek
Petty Creek
Petty Creek
Bird Island
Bird Island
Osprey nest on the river
Heritage Park
Right behind these boats is our future Old Homosassa Heritage Park!
Interesting decor
Interesting decor
Working Waterfront park
Shelley’s Seafood. Also on the future Working Waterfront park
This little girl will be fishing from our dock on the park in the future!
Monkey Island
Monkey Island, our turn around point
Atlanta House
The Atlanta House is being raised to a safe flood level.
KC Crumps
Pelicans at KC Crumps


Home Again. Maggie didn’t want to go with us but was there to greet us when we got back.

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