Otters and Other Stuff

I am supposed to reveal my new DIY website today.  Not happening.  I have to face reality–it could be awhile. I got travels coming up.  Things to do. People to see. 

The new website might have to wait until after I get back.

But here’s an otter!

OtterHe was just hanging out on the kayak dock, soaking up the rays.  I’m a bit wary of the otters that stop by.  They are sometimes very angry.  And fast.  I usually make sure that there’s something high that I can jump on in case one decides to take me out.

But this guy just looked tired.  He barely raised his head to acknowledge my presence.

He didn’t even care that Maggie was checking him out.  But otters are definitely not afraid of dogs.  I’ve even heard them bark back at the neighborhood pooches.  “The water’s good, come in for a swim”!

Maggie and otterMaggie doesn’t go out much anymore.  She’s 15.  She likes to nap.  But she wanted to chase the otter.

Let’s wake up the otter!


Oh Maggie, he’s tired.

I thought he wasn’t feeling well but neighbor Sue said she had been watching him earlier. He had been barking at her dog and catching crabs.  He was just fine.  Just enjoying an after dinner nap. 

Come back anytime for a siesta! I’ll have my camera ready!

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