Our Weekend

Our weekend started with picking Jes and Andrew up at the airport on Thursday.  Followed by them picking up friends, Cat, Steve and baby Lucy.  They didn’t make it to the Jesandy Jubilee last year because Lucy was born in April.  So they all got together to experience Homosassa.

It was also Jessica’s birthday week so we had a surprise party at the Shed!  Everyone was required to wear crazy hats!

Surprise bday party

Birthday cake

Official wine for upcoming event????

Saturday was the annual family cook-out and corn hole tournament!

Jack and Grandpa



 corn hole

Three monkeys

cake stand


 And then it was Sunday, Father’s Day!

Lu’s first boat ride and dip into the spring.

Homosassa Springs

Anyone that might have looked at this post before 8 am on Monday might have thought it looked at little incomplete.  While I was working on it Sunday evening, happy hour started and I thought I’d be back, but no.  Here I am Monday AM!  Yawn! 

We had such a great Father’s Day Weekend.  We had SO much fun.  (Did I mention that Steve, Andrew, and Jes are awesome chefs and besides what I threw in the crockpot, did all the cooking? So besides shrimp brought in from the Freezer and chicken wings from the Shed, all meals were made right here in my kitchen.  So much YUM!)  Jes, Andrew, Cat and Steve are already planning a reunion next year!

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