Out and About: Capital Tacos

It’s so much fun going to a highly-rated restaurant and it’s really really good!  And bonus points that it fits right into our budget!   

Last week Terry suggested that he might need to go to Golfsmith to check out golf clubs. And all I hear is HOME GOODS!  OMG!  I love Home Goods and the only one is way down in Carrollwood.  (That would be an area of north Tampa for my northern friends) Probably 75 miles from us here in Perfect.  

But, right next to GOLFSMITH!

And let’s have lunch with Andy! He’s the oldest kid of our four.  Always like to catch up with what’s going on with our kids.

And this would be a great chance to check out the Tampa Bay Times’ Top 50 Restaurants for something in the Carrollwood area. But there was nothing listed! WHAT!  Carrolwood is a huge part of Tampa with a lot of people that don’t cook.  And all they have is chain restaurants?

But there was Capital Taco in Land o’ Lakes on the list so that’s where we told Andy to meet us.

Did I ever mention that Terry and I lived in Tampa for several years?  Three of our four kids went to Land o’ Lakes High School so we’re familiar with the area but had no idea where this place was–so we just followed the GPS.  And it took us to a strip mall just south of the high school on Land o ‘Lakes Blvd.  (Also known as 41)

Sign on the door says that they are open 8 days a week 11 am to 9 pm.

Terry and I arrived at about 11:45 and the place was crazy busy.  It’s counter service only with about four tables inside and five tables out on the sidewalk. (And since I’ve read their website, I know that those four tables on the inside were made with recycled construction material!)

Several fillings are offered and can be served as tacos, burritos, wet burritos (covered with sauce), nachos, salad or in a bowl with rice and beans. And they serve breakfast all day long!
All the tables were filled so we sat outside while we waited for Andy. IT was a bit cold.  OMG, I’m really looking OLD!

Customers seemed to come in waves.  Packed at 11:45 with no place to sit and then all the tables were empty at 12:15!  So we moved inside.  Andy chuckled when he got there because he used to order pizza at the very same place when he went to high school. And Andy is 40 so how long ago was that?

There were a lot of people just coming through for take out.  But it was a steady stream of customers the entire time we were there.

capitaltacoscounter2 capitaltacoscounter1

This isn’t the typical taco place. The food is freshly prepared and made-from-scratch ingredients. And the service is FAST! I had the Simon Pure–grilled portabella, black beans, sweet corn, pico, jack & cheddar, cilantro, and bombero salsa all wrapped up in a fresh burrito,  I was too busy devouring mine to actually take a picture.  Whoops! One burrito was plenty and it was delicious.  Oh yeah, they have beer, too.  Dos Equis along with many varieties. Perfect!

Five of our grandkids play soccer, football, and basketball not too far from Capital Taco so we will be back!  Yeah! Check out their website for all of their story and the menu. 

So good! Lovin’ this choice from the Top 50 Restaurant List!

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  1. I’ll have to put that place on my list. Anyplace that serves a taco with “cilantro and crushed waffle bits” must be visited,…often!

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