Out and About: Downtown St. Louis

This “out and about” thing I’ve been doing the last several weeks is kind of like when you go to someone’s house after they get back from vacation and they say, “Wanna see my photos of how much fun I had while you were working and I was on vacation?”  The answer is always NO.  But since you’re here, you get to see them, anyhow.

On our way up to ND, we went through St. Louis.  We stayed at a La Quinta, as usual, but it was nasty.  Smelled like dog pee.  And was just dirty. Right after we stayed there, that whole Ferguson rioting started and guess what?  That motel wasn’t too far from Ferguson!  So on the way back, we decided to splurge and stay downtown at the Hilton.  They allow dogs with a large nonrefundable fee.  Valet parking is really overpriced and a Kettle One Martini (dirty dry and up) is $12.50.  Ouch!  But the room was free since we used the last bit of Terry’s hotel points from back when he spent his entire life on the road.  Or in the air.  Totally worth it.

We stayed at this hotel last year, too.  I love all the places to walk in St. Louis and there are so many green spaces. 

Hilton Hotel
Here’s our very cool downtown hotel.
Maggie on Chaise
And here’s Maggie enjoying a little break on her chaise that she claimed as soon as we walked into our room.

There’s some construction going on around the arch. 


Just in case we don’t see the arch, there are directions on the sidewalks.
Really, you can see it just about from everywhere.

How about those cobblestone streets?

cobblestone streets
Glad we were walking, not driving!

This place was right around the corner. 

Looks like scary fun. But we had Maggie with us so we couldn’t go to the jungle.
Maggie did not want to go into a dark jungle. She preferred the parks.

There’s a lot of bridges over the Missouri River.  And I seem to feel the need to take many pictures of all of them.  Weird since I have a slight fear of heights. Thought I’d share a few bridge photos with you.

Here’s a pretty view.


This one is my favorite. Dirty and gritty and old looking.
And here’s the arch. With construction. It was a cloudy COLD evening. .
St. Louis
I love the symmetry of the buildings and park.
Downtown St. Louis
Anyone know who this running guy is? Or why the water is dyed blue?
St. Louis
Happy Birthday St. Louis!
Downtown St. Louis
One last photo of downtown.

Great evening.  Would love to stay longer, do some more exploring and check out the night life someday.

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