Out and About: Local Restaurants

I’ve been remiss in my restaurant reviews.  Have no excuses.  While we’ve been hitting the local dining scene and I’ve been taking notes and snaps, I never took the time to write about them.

Just in case you forgot that I’ve been writing about restaurants (since it’s been SO long) let me remind you.  Terry and I are hitting dining spots in the area.  Most of them will be in Citrus County but also Marion, Hernando, and Sumter Counties.  Maybe further out.  Just depends on where we go! 

And what I feel like talking about.  

And now I’m catching up.

Just hoping all of these places are still open.  Places open and close so quickly. Particularly when our northern visitors go away for the summer.  Can be the death toll for our little local spots. 

Speaking of closing, Yanni’s in Homosassa Springs closed.  They were open a long time in another location.  Closed.  Opened up in another place.  And now that spot is the Biscuit Barn. Anyone know why?  We quite liked Yannis.

Back to reviews…..

We went to Angelina’s in Brooksville for lunch many many weeks ago.  The address is 13103 Cortez Boulevard.  It’s tucked away in one of those numerous plazas on 50.  (You know what I’m talking about.)

We got there about 11:30.  Isn’t that lunch time?  There was only one other table occupied. A few other couples came in while we were there.  


And I gotta say the food, quantity, prices and service were all good.  So I’m guessing there is just a lot of competition with other small restaurants and all the big chains that are in Brooksville and Spring HIll now. 

eggplant parmesan
My eggplant parmesan
spaghetti at Angelinas
Terry’s spaghetti

So if they are still open, we recommend!

River Ranch Bar and Grill at the Heritage Village in Crystal River was our next stop.  Formerly the Mullet Hole and before that Cafe on the Avenue.  Opened very recently.

River Ranch
We ate in the bar because there were a few special large parties going on in the dining room.

And we liked it!

(But we also liked the Mullet Hole and Cafe on the Avenue!  And they both closed.So much for our opinions!)

I think this is a very nice location.  Right in the middle of Heritage Village.  I’ve mentioned in a few other posts that Crystal River and Citrus County needs to advertise this little shopping area.  Crystal River is BOOMING with tourists because of the manatees in the winter.  And now it’s scalloping season. Those visitors need someplace to go after they visit our unique water attractions.   Being in the middle of everything, Heritage Village should be crazy busy.

But it’s not.

Marketing, Marketing, Marketing.

River Ranch
Turkey Caprese. It comes with an avocado cilantro sauce for the sandwich but I asked to omit that. Should have ordered it on the side just to try it. Probably was really good. Next time.
River Ranch
Terry’s fried chicken sandwich. Lightly coated. Very Large. Good.


Our lunch was good.  Our server was good.  We will be back.

Assuming that it’s still open!

I have one last place to write about but I think I’ll wait until next week since this is already waaaaay tooooo looooooong!

If you have a suggestion for a dining spot that I should write about–let me know!

Either in the comments section or the “contact page”.

Or if you disagree with my opinion–I definitely want to know!

But be kind.  

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