Out and About, Mandan, ND

A few weeks ago while I was visiting our son and daughter-in-law, during one of our early morning walks, we stopped to admire these giraffes in the front of a house across the street. This was a four lane highway so we were quite a bit away but the homeowner saw us through her picture window and scurried right out and called us over to enjoy her entire yard.  


I was expecting more giant tchotchkes  but was happily surprised with a beautifully landscaped garden with meandering paths and blooming flowers.  And, yeah, some tchotchkes.




BAck of house



The woman never introduced herself but I’m going to call her Helen, or maybe Alice.  When I asked Helen how many hours she put into this remarkable yard every day and she said “none, Bill did it all.”  And then Bill joined us.  He said that it was nothing, they are mostly perennials.  I think not.

Gotta get back into my own yard.  Maybe put some giant giraffes in the front.  Definitely more bird houses and a couple of benches!



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