Out and About: More Local Restaurants

It’s about time for our local restaurant reviews! Whoo-who!

Last month we hit Gators Dockside in Spring Hill. 

Gators Dockside

Twenty big-screen TVs in the main area plus another ten in the covered patio.  What?  And they had Fat Tire Beer on draft.  Plus it was happy hour when we got there so my ONE Fat Tire turned into TWO!  

Two FAt Tires at Gator Dockside

It’s in the plaza that also houses Jo-anne’s Fabrics which I have to visit at least monthly to pick up sewing supplies.  Plus there’s a Target right there.  How did we not know about this place?

The menu wasn’t the typical wings and burgers at most sports bars. Yeah, they have that stuff but I ordered an Ahi Tuna sandwich with seasoned fries.  Terry had a mahi blackened sandwich.  Both very good.  And service was good. 

Ahi Tuna Sandwich at Gator Dockside
Ahi Tuna Sandwich with Seasoned Fries
Blackened Mahi Sandwich at Gator Dockside
Blackened Mahi Sandwich with homemade chips

The place opened in February and I asked the server how it came to be named Gators Dockside because we were nowhere near any water.  Well, it’s a chain.  And I’m trying to not write about chain restaurants.  But they’re only in Florida so I’m overlooking that whole chain thing in this instance.

The place was bright and shiny and clean.  I’d like to go back there and try it again.

Shamrock Inn in Floral City

Our next dining experience was at the Shamrock Inn in Floral City.

The opposite of bright and shiny and clean.  But I LOVE this place.  It’s dark and packed with people in biking clothes–both the motorized kind and the ones you pedal.

According to our friend Tim who joined us along with his wife Connie, best burger place around!

Shamrock Burger at Shamrock Inn in Floral City

And then I was gone for a couple of weeks and the first place we stopped at when I got back was the Deco Cafe in Inverness.

Deco Cafe

We’ve never been here before but we were driving through Inverness and thought we’d check it out.

Now, I want to say that I really WANTED to like this place.  And I did.  I liked the decor.  I liked the server.  I liked the people coming in and out getting drinks and desserts.  I liked the food.  It was very yummy.

I didn’t like the plastic plates and plastic serveware.  


Don’t like it.

Deco Cafe
We both ordered the excellent bisque, I had the South Beach Panini–turkey with cranberries and avocado–and pesto pasta salad. Terry had the Deco Cristo with Potato Salad. All VERY Good.

The place is small so perhaps they don’t have room for a dishwasher.  Although the bisque came with a real soup spoon.  And the pasta was in a glass bowl. Hmmmmmmm.  How is that washed?  

We were there for lunch.  They close and open back up for dinner.  I want to go back and try dinner sometime.

And the final place….

Last Thursday we went to the newly remodeled or newly renovated or newly something Neon Leons before we went to the Homosassa River Alliance meeting.  We’ve been there a few times over the past few years.  Had good experiences and bad.  The restaurant was recently closed for about a week while they were changing things up.  We couldn’t figure out what was different other than the woman that was managing the place.  

Neon Leons

Terry had the dry-rubbed wings.  Said they were good but a bit too spicy.  When we were on our great Chicken Wing Quest last year, Terry had ranked these right up there with the winner, Crackers.  

I ordered the seafood bisque along with a shrimp appetizer that came with a delicious loaf of bread.  I quite enjoyed my food.  Our server was very good and answered all of our questions (like who was the new manager) but the kitchen was VERY slow.

We’ll probably go back just because it’s convenient. It is a very popular spot and you might need a reservation if you go at a busy time. I’m guessing because there is almost always entertainment.

Okay.  That’s it for this edition of our restaurant reviews.  Still need to figure out how I’m going to rank all these places since they are all very different!

If you have any places that you want us to check out, let me know!

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