Out and About: Recent Restaurant Visits

Let’s talk about food!

I’ve had a few requests for more restaurant reviews!  Unbelievable.  People actually want to know my opinion!  About food!

So I’m back to being the undercover occasional restaurant critic writing haphazardly about local and distant restaurants.

So here’s the places we’ve been over the past 31 days!

We went to Crystal River for the St. Patty’s Day Festivities and stopped into Burkes of Ireland.  It was crazy busy so we didn’t stay but this dog was in the bar and I’m thinking it looks like a fun place to go so we’ll try it on a less busy day.  (Really, why would I even try to get into an Irish bar on St. Patty’s Day!)


So instead of having Irish food, we went a little south to the 19th Hole Bar and Grill. It’s at the Plantation Golf Course and it’s just a little hole in the wall.  Nice view of the golf course.  Food was good and service was fine.  Nothing wrong with it but it’s just golf course food. We probably won’t be back unless we have just finished up 18 holes.

Hole 19
Tuna Sandwich
19th hole
Club Sandwich

 Last week I went to two restaurants.  Big time for me!

I went to Papa Joe’s on the east side of Brooksville to meet a cousin, my sister and my niece for lunch.  It was centrally located for all of us since we were coming from different directions.  It’s about five miles west of I-75 just off of Cortez Blvd.  This has always been one of my favorite restaurants and I’ve been going there since the 80s. Joe and his son even catered our daughter’s wedding a couple years ago.  

Tragically the restaurant burnt down back in January 2014 but, unlike our local Margueritagrill, was rebuilt and opened up a few weeks ago. I was really looking forward to seeing the new place.

And it didn’t disappoint.

Papa Joe's
Here’s the beautiful new bar that is right at the entrance


Papa Joes
Vegetable Sandwich with thick slabs of fresh mozzeralla! Yum!

My sandwich was excellent.  Well, actually it was my sister’s sandwich.  She ordered a steak hoagie while I ordered the Vegetable sub.  But our orders were switched and I ate half of the steak one before I realized it.  “Hey, that’s not eggplant!  That’s pink!”  

I don’t eat meat very often, but that was one yummy sandwich!  

And the last restaurant to report on is the Seagrass Pub.  We went there back in the beginning of March with some friends.  We hadn’t been there in quite some time because on our only two visits we were very disappointed and hadn’t been back.  On this occasion we only went there because it was convenient.  We weren’t expecting much but were pleasantly surprised with really delicious dinners and very good service.

Just to make sure it wasn’t an anomaly, we went to the Tiki Bar last week on a beautiful day.

Seagrass Tiki Bar

Seagrass Tiki Bar
Grilled Mahi Sandwich for me
Seagrass Tiki Bar
Kahuna Burger for Terry
Seagrass Tiki Bar
Oh yeah, that’s my blue moon!

Once again we had good food and good service.

Seagrass Tiki Bar
And a great view!


So that’s it for this month….

Oh wait, we stopped at Old Mill Tavern for Bloody Mary’s one Saturday morning.  Really really good. 

Bloody Marys

More to come!

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