Eat to Live Part 2

Oh My God!  (OMG for those that only speak Internet) I am so glad it’s Tuesday.  No more vegan in my life!  Last week I posted that I was starting a vegan diet based on the “Eat to Live” plan.  Yeah, I said I could do anything for seven days, but life is too short to eliminate cheese.

I did pretty well sticking to vegan.  (I had eggs on Sunday because we always have eggs on Sunday.  Tradition is more important than diet–especially on Father’s Day!)  We eat a lot of broccoli and cauliflower here already and I added peppers, summer squash, carrots, and mushrooms . A salad for lunch every day of spinach, romaine and garbanzo or black beans.  Smoothies for breakfast with soy milk and fruit.  Another smoothie at night for dessert with silken tofu, cocoa powder, frozen black cherries and soy milk.

But forget that whole “Eat to Live” diet plan.  Dr. Oz, you are wrong.  This crash diet sucks.  Some of the things that Dr. Fuhrman, the doctor behind the plan, recommends avoiding are dairy products, meat, processed foods, sweetener–artificial or real, salt, coffee and alcohol.  My problem with that list is that I really like coffee and happy hour starts at 5.

The good doctor also suggests you read his entire 716 page book before starting the diet.  I still have to finish 1 1/2 books of “Fifty Shades of Bad Writing” so I just skimmed his book. Four fruit servings a day and unlimited vegetables.   The main source of protein are beans.  Agave nectar is really bad!  Also, no cheese–did I already mention that?

But after a week of my revised “Eat to Live”/vegan diet plan, I did lose three pounds.  By limiting Maggie’s treats and leftovers (she didn’t go vegan), she lost one pound. Two more to go for both of us!

I will continue on a less restricted diet for another week.  Mostly vegetarian, I’ll try to avoid processed food, and will continue to cut back on the salt.  I don’t think I can cut back anymore on Maggie.  She already spends a good part of her day crying at the pantry door.  I’ll let you know how we do next Tuesday!

Chunky Monkey
Maybe a little less chunky monkey this week!

Maggie and Me


Dogs in the Hood

We met a new dog this weekend and he was sure happy to see us!  He was quite the barker and Maggie stayed far away!  I’m not sure what his name was since his person said it changes daily so I’m just going to call him Happy Yappy.


This dog visits The Shed quite a bit but we haven’t been formally introduced.  So I just call him the Big Red Dog.  He’s very laid back and would like to be Maggie’s friend but she has sent him ‘stay away’ vibes and he respects her feelings.

Big Red Dog

And here’s Ruby.  She used to run loose at the Shed but she was a bad girl at some point and now is on her leash at all times.  Ruby is almost the sweetest dog ever.

I haven’t been able to get Maggie to pose for me since I started photographing other dogs.  She used to be quite the model and got very excited whenever I got the camera out.  Now she just acts miffed and turns away.  But I tricked her into this shot by telling her that her nemesis Daisy was on her way to have a conversation. Maggie was like “DAISY-where?! I can take her!”  They’d already exchanged a few choice words and they weren’t nice ones.

Magster the wagsterAnd here’s a special guest.  Reeses doesn’t really live in the hood but I went to visit her the other day.  Her people are renovating their house and she’s helping by disposing of some trash wood.  “Just trying to do my part!”


That’s it for the Dogs in the Hood this month!


Another look at the master bathroom

Back to the masterbath. Lovin’ it.  Especially in these calm gray tones.  Ahhhhh.  Almost zen like.

Big soaking tub
All that tub needs is some bubbles and a glass of wine!

It wasn’t always so peaceful.  The last step in a really great renovation experience was picking the paint colors.  I said gray. But Clay, my really great contractor, said all the different woods needed to pop.  I’m easily convinced when it comes to colors so I went with pop:

So we lived with it for about six weeks.  Yes, the wood popped, but I needed calm.  I got a bunch of color chips, took Terry’s and Michelle’s advice and now it’s two lovely lovely calm shades of gray.  (no, no,no, not like the book)





Pebble Tile

Walk in shower and freestanding tub

Cloud pictures



I spent hours going through shelter magazine, catalogs, and Pinterest before buying anything for the bathroom.  The cloud pictures came from  Love this blog.  If I had an extra bucket of money and lived in Utah, I would hire Kirsten Curtis-Krason. She put cloud pictures that her pilot husband took into Ikea frames.  I said–I have those frames! Took the pics from my back yard, ordered 12″ x 12″ photos online from–so easy!

The candle shelf came from  I showed the plans to Terry and told him what I wanted to put on it.  He went right out and built a protype with scrap wood that he had in the garage.  Then we went to home depot and bought some good stuff.  He built it the same day and I painted it with glossy white spray paint.  If anyone knows Ikea, you know that they have their own special shade of white and it’s not glossy white.  So I convinced him to build another and I painted it the same gray as the bathroom.  Ahhhhhh, lovely.  (And the shiny white candle shelf will be in my dining room someday)

Other than what Terry built, or I had on hand, or could get from Ikea or Target or Home Depot, everything else was ordered online for this renovation.  Contact me and I will give you the details.