Jam, Part 2

Michelle gave me one of her homemade jars of blueberry jam last week.  Yum!  Lucky me, neither Maggie nor Terry eat jam.  So it’s all mine!

All dressed up, in my favorite color!

I had a nibble out of the jar and then decided my first real taste would be on a waffle.  If I was Michelle, I would have made the waffle from scratch, but in reality, if I made it, then it would be burnt.  At least this one is organic from Van’s.  (And I quite often burn those in the toaster)

That bite looks really big, but that's a really small waffle. (Or maybe my mouth really is that big!)
Lo-cal and delicious! You can check out Michelle’s recipe and instructions here: http://ktgreendesign.com/time-for-jam/