Some of My Favorite Photographs

in no particular order, theme, size, or date!



scalloping kids and kayaks


Friday Meanderings


dog Friday Meanderings hummingbird the view rose Cookie Day 2016

Kings Bay Project

Cookie Day 2016

Busy Bee






sewing room

Adley, Riley and Piper

Peppa Pig
August 24, 2016, Dressed in Peppa Pig, watching Peppa Pig, playing with Peppa Pig, so young to multitask!
August 23, 2016, Riley is #29 on the Mandan JV team. Played almost the whole game.
August 21, 2016, Adley and Piper
August 19, 2016, Maggie was watching me pack and wondering how soon I’d leave so she could get a kong ball.


blue bottles
August 17, 2016, My blue bottle garden. Planted it a couple years ago with hopes that the ferns would catch up. Thumbs up!


August 9, 2016, Pipevine Swallowtail
Project 365
August 8, 2016, Maggie. 16 3/4 years old!

Otterbarred owl

Winsome Dachshund
I love this little guys expression.
Looking Out my backdoor
Looking Out the Backdoor
Barred Owls in the Back Yard
Bamboo at Kanapaha Botanical Gardens
Gulf Fritillary
Gulf Fritillary
Butterflies and Moths in the Garden
Two Eastern Black Swallowtails
Homosassa Springs
Homosassa Springs
Otter on the kayak dock
River Otter
Carrot Tops
Carrot Tops
Fireworks in Old Homosassa
Fireworks in Old Homosassa 2014
Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes
Tsala Apopka Chain of Lakes
Osprey on Oyster Bar in Mason Creek
Osprey on Oyster Bar in Mason Creek

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