Plumeria 2, IN the Garden

I’m back in the garden with my post today.  Do you know what a plumeria is?  Also frequently called a frangipangi.  Several friends in Houston grew them in their backyards and gave me cuttings.  Then my neighbor here gave me a couple plants.  Now I have many in my yard.  So easy to grow.  Just cut off a wayward branch and stick it in potting soil.  Actually you can just stick it in the ground and it will grow. 

They like lots of sun and fertilizer.  You are supposed to pull them out of the ground and store them in a sheltered spot over the winter.  They don’t even need watered during that dormant period.  Mine are so large now that I leave them in the ground all year round but always cut a few branches off and start new plants just in case we have a freeze and the big ones get wiped out. 

In the Garden
Waiting for new homes!


I gave one to a friend last week and forgot about giving her the no-fail care instructions.  Here they are:

plumeria care instructions

And some more pics….

plumeria in bud
This baby is just getting ready to bloom.

And here’s what they will look like in about a month….




In the garden



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