Plumeria Action

One of the plumerias has already bloomed and another is getting ready.  Quite early, but probably to be expected since we had a mild winter.


I love being outdoors but we had a lot of rain this week so I had a chance to play on my computer and not feel bad about ignoring the garden.  On one of the blogs I discovered some free Photoshop Actions.  I usually use Photoshop for cropping and adjusting the lighting but I had to download the actions and try them out.  Fun!  Here are a few of the examples:

Fresh and Colorful
Soft and Faded

Who needs hipstamatic?  You can download the actions which work with Photoshop CS4 at Pioneer Woman.  It’s all free and includes instructions.  She also has a version that works with Photoshop Elements.

Have a great weekend!


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