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LizardsI saw a bit in the local paper about a “Town Hall Meeting” at the Homosassa Library to discuss a sidewalk in Old Homosassa.  On Yulee Drive From Central Street to 19.  So exciting.  The meeting is July 31st from 6 – 8 pm.  We’ll be there.  It would be so great to have a place to ride our bikes and not worry about getting run over or hit by a passing mirror.  I wonder why they are having it at the library that’s in Homosassa Springs rather than the Civic Center which is right here in Old Homosassa?  After all, a lot of our local bike riders won’t be able to go to the meeting because they don’t have drivers licenses.  (That’s a little joke for all of our locals.)

Where the Sidewalk Ends
Where the sidewalk ends….You can see tire marks on the existing sidewalk. The new sidewalk will start right here!
Gus, still a puppy, has already learned that unless I have a treat, no good pose. Demanding models!
grape tomatoes
Vegetable Garden is producing.

 I asked last week what we should call the upcoming wedding of Kathryn and Darin.  Got a few suggestions.  From Michelle, Gala du’ Green, The Green Gala, and HazeyGreenDay.  From Yvonne, Kat-Man-Darin-I-Do’s.  All fun, but still open to more suggestions! 

Cobia tournament in Old Homosassa is coming up.  Always fun watching the captains head out on Saturday morning.  June 7-8 this year.

Our Crew
2011, The one and only year that my bunch participated. Look how little William is!

 And the mullet toss is July 5th at Old Mill Tavern.  Yeah, disgusting.  But the money goes to a good cause–the Homosassa Elementary School.

Second Annual Mullet Toss, Old Homosassa

Have a great weekend.  I plan to!


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