Renningers Antique and Collector’s Extravaganza!

Local Places, Local Faces

Okay, you might not consider Mount Dora a local place but if I can drive there in two hours and do not spend the night, I’ve decided that it’s local.  Because it’s my blog and I can do that!

Renningers Antique and Collector’s Extravaganza is held three times a year.  One three day weekend in November, January and February.  And it is a BLAST!  It is the biggest and coolest old-stuff-junk-buying-fun you could ever have in Florida.  Michelle and I have been attending one event each season for the past five years and I went with other friends many times before we teamed up.  This year new-be Kathryn joined us with the intent of furnishing her new townhouse.  So here is our day in pictures!

Renninger's extravaganza
Kathryn roots through the junk house to find this treasure. First buy of the day!


Renninger's Extravaganza
One of numerous black panthers. Was I just drawn to black panthers this year or was it a big year for black panthers?
Renninger's extravaganza
So much milkglass, so little money.
Renninger's extravaganza
These yellow lab puppies were taking a break. Antiques? Collectibles? $500 and wouldn’t take less!
Renninger's extravaganza
Michelle might make this for the bridesmaids.
Renninger's extravaganza
Time for a snack!
Renninger's extravaganza
Michelle’s best deal. Can’t wait to see what she turns this into!
Renninger's extravaganza
Back up the hill with the goodies. Did you know that there is a mountain in Mt. Dora?
Renninger's extravaganza
And here’s all of our treasures! Fun!

There will be many future posts with these lovelies updated and featured!









2 thoughts on “Renningers Antique and Collector’s Extravaganza!

    • 1. Yes, loved it.
      2. There is no glass in them but yes, they are gorgeous. Kathryn bought them. Plus a bunch of other stuff.
      3. Guy wouldn’t come down from $500. Had to let the puppies stay! I’m on a budget, you know!

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