Saturday on the River

Last week I mentioned that we don’t go on the river on the weekend during scallop season.  Well, we must have been a wee bit crazy cakes because we took Terry’s mom and her friend there last Saturday.  Shirley had a list of things that she wanted to do, including Friday night at the Shed, followed with dinner at the Yardarm.  (We did all the Friday night stuff plus had our fun neighbors over for our style of “meet and greet”–which is a whole lot of fun!) And Shirley really wanted to go out on the boat. Hey, she’s going to be 90 in October, what choice did we have? 

Petty Creek
Since we live off of Mason Creek, we take Petty Creek to get to the Homosassa River. Very calm morning.
Quickly that changes. Boats are full speed out to the Gulf.
No Wake
Osprey nest on the “No Wake” sign.
Boats on the way out while we are on the way in.
Bird Island
Bird Island
And more boats!
The Spring
“No Scallop Cleaning”  Sign at the Spring
The Spring
The Spring is calm. That will change this afternoon when the scallopers come back in.
Shirely and Carroll
Shirley and Carroll
Halls River
There’s the turn for Halls River and the metal frame of the future Margarita Grill.
Scallop cleaning sign
Scallop cleaning sign in front of Seagrass Pub
boat ramp
The county boat ramp at MacRae’s.
Scallop Cleaning
Scallop Cleaning from a little boat.
Scallop Cleaning sign
Another scallop cleaning sign.
Boat traffic
Going with the traffic back to our home.

Terry was great avoiding problems and big waves and we made it back unscathed.  I’m pretty sure Shirley and Carroll enjoyed the ride.We were back by 10:30 am so you know we headed out early.  After a brief rest we headed to Seafood Sellers & Cafe where Shirley and Carroll were rocked by their Cajun gumbo and crabcakes.   Gotta do a shout out to Donna for great (dancing) service and Jimmy for another GREAT lunch!

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