So just want to admit to being a total failure on this week’s project.  It was all about protecting my iPad that I take everywhere.  Love my iPad.  Cause I’ve always gotta be totally connected.  It even has a totally cute little travel case that I made a few years ago so it can be real pretty when it travels with me. Pretty is very important to me and my iPad.


 But that case is not lookin’ good with my new carry on bag.  Makes my soul kinda shrivel up….

Ipad Case

So I had to make a new coordinating case.  I’ve made a few of these in the past and thought I’d change it up a little.  It would look like an envelope and have a loop and button closure plus denim trim.  So cute and easy peasy–in my head at least.

I had a stack of coordinating fabric…


One rainy afternoon I measured.  Drew a little pattern. Cut it out.  Sewed it up.  Then I realized I had put the fabrics in the wrong order.  Get the ripper.  And sewed it up again.  And then I discovered that I had forgot to include the flap length to my calculations. Yeah, it was there on my diagram, just not added in.  Had to start all over.

So onto day 2….

Made sure everything was measured correctly.  Cut it out.  On this version I decided to use two layers of fleece to provide extra padding then quilted it.  All done and discovered that the lining had slipped.  Put a new lining on. 

Day 3….

Found a little matching pocket that I must have made for another tote so thought I would use it even though I really didn’t need a pocket.  Put the pocket in the exact spot I should have but the button for the loop closure.  So I had to use Velcro. Grrrrr, didn’t want to use velcro.  Then I couldn’t get the denim trim to lay correctly on the flap’s curves.  Gave up on that.  Tried a different method.  Broke a needle.  Bent the next needle.  And last but not least, sewed the Velcro on upside down. 

Therefore, there are no instructions for this iPad case.  And I’m not showing any close up shots since the stitching is so BAD. 

ipad case

ipad case

ipad case
See how the bag’s handle conveniently hides the bad stitching on the Velcro?

Normally I would just start all over and learn from my mistakes.  But I’m already on day 3 of this miserable failure so I’m stepping away from the sewing machine….

Step away, step away, for another day.

I’m now going to clean my garage…. 

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