Shopping Local -- The Glass Garage

Shopping Local — Glass Garage

The Glass Garage

Shopping Local -- The Glass Garage

Here’s my last “local” post.  And I should have posted it last month.  But I ran out of days.

The Glass Garage not only donated towards the Homosassa Arts, Crafts, and Seafood Festival, but also saved Christmas.  For me.  Let me explain…..

My daughter had liked a lovely stained glass piece when we stopped by during one of her visits.  I tucked the idea away in my pea-brain and waited until two days before Jes arrived for the holidays and stopped at the shop to buy it.  AND IT WASN’T THERE!

Oh jeeze.  I thought I had Christmas shopping all done.  Someone had snuck into the shop behind my back and bought the beautiful artwork that she had admired.  Jeeze. (or is it geeze?  No that would be almost sound like geese.)

Anyhow.  I stood there in shock and turned to Lori Lenoir, the fused-glass artist who was running the shop that day. She called Louise Whitney, the stained glass artist.  And Louise made me a new piece within 24 hours.  Christmas saved! Yippee.  

And I also bought several of the little fused glass bowls that I absolutely love to give out to family. (I should have bought one for me, dang.)


Shop local. Your Christmas could be saved!

Shopping Local -- The Glass Garage

Shopping Local -- The Glass Garage

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